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Business focus: Studio 6 Coffee House, Denver

I most appreciate our community. These people are so creative and interesting. I remember the first time I consciously noticed the interactions and networks that were centered around this place and how special that felt to me. I think that this sense of community and creative energy is what makes me happy to go to work every day.

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The Denver Post

Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District sees influx of music-industry players

When Denver’s music community quickly organized the massive benefit show for Fourmile Canyon fire victims last month, the promoters, managers, venue owners and publicity makers barely had to leave their newly formed industry hub on Santa Fe Drive to put everything together…

In that time, Tetzeli and his neighbors lined up Phish, String Cheese Incident, Big Head Todd & the Monsters, Yonder Mountain String Band, Leftover Salmon and more for the big show at the 1stBank Center. The landmark concert sold out in minutes and raised more than $300,000 for victims of the Boulder County fire.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, indeed — especially when your neighborhood is becoming the powerpoint for Denver’s music business.

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The Westword

Over the Weekend: A whirlwind First Friday tour to kick off Denver Arts Week

After the Triangle, our first layover was the Art District on Santa Fe, where things were just starting to rev up as the sun went down. Anyone who’s done this event knows it rocks; Santa Fe Drive is overrun with people of all ages and styles, from skateboard dudes and street musicians to socializing artists and discerning and moneyed collectors. A lot of what you see during First Friday on Santa Fe is left up to serendipity: You just have to be in the right place at the right time, and things happen.

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Artistic couple both have shows in Denver

Tom remembers, “We were looking in the windows at Habitat Gallery and Studio and a woman inside motioned for us to come in.” That woman was Georgia Amar, artist and owner of the gallery. She and her husband Jack Pappalardo, president of the Art District, welcomed the Frickers into their gallery, studio and home.

Immediately when Georgia saw some examples of Lisa’s work she mentioned the possibility of a solo show.

Lisa says, “We were so impressed with what Jack and Georgia have accomplished in the development of the Art District and the arts in Denver generally! The area represents an exciting microcosm of the whole city’s focus on art. By the time we said goodbye we were fast friends with big plans!”

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5280 Magazine

Block Partying -It’s time to get (re)acquainted with Santa Fe Drive

Tucked into a busy stretch of Santa Fe Drive between Second and 11th streets, the Art District on Santa Fe has long been a destination for culture buffs. But whether you are a first-time visitor or a longtime fan, the area’s new or revitalized cafes, shops, restaurants, and yes, art studios, help make this neighborhood feel fresh again.

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Adobe Airstream

Soaring Voices: Japanese Women’s Ceramics

Twenty-five Japanese women artists whose works are on display at Metro State College’s Center for Visual Art in Denver have taken their craft in directions from fun to functional. Remembering that to get Japanese ceramicists to sign their works was a culture shift arguably equal to Native American potters beginning to sign their pots last century, this irresistible exhibit will have you leaning in to get a closer look at the textures and motifs of clay clearly pushed to its limits.

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First Friday Preview: Anthology Fine Art debuts with the beautifully surreal

The idea, he said, is that the forms work with the light in the installation space to create an extra dimension: the shadows they cast on whatever surface they’re mounted on. “So there’s a physical and a not-physical component to it,” he said, “which represents this dichotomy of the internal and external.”
Also, it just looks really cool.
The venue where Custer is installing his work, Anthology Fine Art, is also brand new, by the way. Owned by Custer’s brother Zak and his wife Kendra, the gallery and frame shop opened up earlier this month. This will be the place’s “first first Friday,” so to speak.

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The Denver Post

Artist finds beauty in broken iPhone screens

For some people, a shattered iPhone touch screen is a $100 repair bill. For artist Erik Isaac, it’s art.  Isaac suspended 100 broken iPhone touch screens on fishing line from the ceiling of the Niza Knoll Gallery in Denver.  Arranged ten-by-ten on a grid, they hang about an inch from a concrete floor, swinging in the air currents like translucent leaves falling from an information-age tree.

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Denver Business Journal

Biennial of the Americas could be eco-devo bonanza

Denver leaders are touting the upcoming Biennial of the Americas as a cultural celebration, but the event’s biggest benefit may be the number of South and Central American companies coming

Read more: Biennial of the Americas could be eco-devo bonanza - Denver Business Journal

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Online Met

CORE gallery draws more than ‘First Friday’ crowd

Fifteen years ago, the stretch of Santa Fe Drive from East 10th Avenue down to 5th still boasted boarded-up storefronts, broken glass and unsavory characters to create a trinity that “nice people” — and especially suburbanites wary of urban places — carefully avoided.  But an early-80s influx of economic development

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The Metropolitan Online

CORE gallery draws more than First Friday crowd

Just east of Santa Fe at 9th, people milling outside the CORE gallery — smoking and on their cell phones — are a tad different from the main run of gallery hoppers along Santa Fe, who take pains not to look mainstream. Outside CORE — and inside the gallery that’s already crowded at 7:15 — there are kids, teens, grandmother and parent-types mixing easily with the wine-and-cheese crowd that are gallery-opening fixtures. And if the crowd is less than predictable, so is the CORE gallery itself.

CORE gallery draws more than First Friday crowd
Denver Daily News

Art with heart

Abstract painter Kathryn Hart paints from the heart.

The paintings featured in her new exhibit — “Circle of Secrets” — showing at the Habitat Gallery and Studio lean heavily on emotions and conflicts. Her paintings pulse with an untold story; scrapings and scratchings dragged through thick paint gives a glimpse of what’s beneath the service, according to a press release.

“Combining both expressionism and conceptual art into her paintings, Hart begins boldly and energetically, focusing on n

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Denver Post

Heartfelt Artwork

For 13 years, the Chicano Humanities and Arts Council has celebrated hearts, February’s most enduring symbol (not counting crusty frozen snow) with its Milagros del Corazon auction.

Artists and would-be artists from all walks of life decorate a wooden heart that CHAC distributes about a month prior to the auction, which was held last week

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Studio 6 Coffee House

Welcome to Studio 6 Coffee House! We are a small boutique coffee house located in the 910 Arts Building in Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe Drive.

We serve only the finest Organic and Fair Trade locally roasted coffees as well as an extensive list of loose leaf teas. We are dedicated to creating an incredible atmosphere with a focus on community and creativity. Come check us out and experience our groovy little shop for yourself!

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Denver Post

Latino Museum wins arts excellence award

Maruca Salazar won the Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts in 2005 for past work in the Chicano art movement.  But winning it this year for the Museo de las Americas signals the work that lies ahead for the institution she has led for less than a year.

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Denver Daily News

Timely Portraits

The intense meets the expressive at the new exhibit showing at the Carla Wright Gallery.

The collection features a series of 11 portraits by local artist Brian Comber, though the paintings are often more reminiscent of an intense vision in a frame than the “Mona Lisa.”

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