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Addictive art vending machine arrives in Denver

Word is fast spreading about the first Art-O-Mat to come to Colorado — the retired cigarette-vending machine that dispenses $5 art is a popular draw at Access Gallery in the Santa Fe arts district.

“One woman came down from Frisco,” said gallery director Damon McLeese. “She runs a bookstore there and asked a customer what she should do on a free afternoon in Denver, and heard about what artists were doing here.”

There are more than 100 Art-O-Mat machines across the country, vending cigarette-pack-size fine art from locations as diverse as the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York and a Whole Foods Market in Houston.

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The Denver Post

Salida and Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe win first Colorado Creative District grants

Downtown Salida and Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe are the first Colorado Creative Districts. The two winners of the $15,000 Colorado Creative District grants were named Friday by Gov. John Hickenlooper, who last year signed legislation that encouraged municipalities to form creative districts that could attract entrepreneurs and artists, stir artistic economic activity, showcase cultural attractions and celebrate each community’s identity.

The new program – through the Colorado Creative Industries division of the state’s Office of Economic Development – drew applications from 44 districts in 25 Colorado counties. The grants are designed to invite new energy and innovation into communities. Nine other states have recently developed similar economic development strategies that encourage stimulation of artistic economies.

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Colorado Creative Industries

Gov. Hickenloopoer Announces Colorado’s First Formally-Designated Creative Districts

Gov. John Hickenlooper today announced the formal certification of two new Colorado Creative Districts: Downtown Salida and Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe. The districts will each receive a $15,000 grant and assistance to attract artists, creative entrepreneurs and visitors as a strategy to infuse new energy and innovation and enhance the economic and civic capital of the community. The program is administered by the Office of Economic Development and International Trade through the Colorado Creative Industries division.

“Colorado is filled with vibrant centers of commerce, culture and creativity, and is a magnet for creative workers,” Hickenlooper said. “The formation of Creative Districts provides visitors and residents with an opportunity to participate and invest in the arts, while contributing to the economic vitality of the region and attracting creative entrepreneurs and artists.”

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The Denver Post

Architects push to make Denver’s Santa Fe Arts District more pedestrian friendly

A group of architects has developed a plan for the Santa Fe Arts District that it hopes will spur the city into making the neighborhood more pedestrian friendly.

Improving the walkability along Santa Fe Drive between West Sixth and West 10th avenues would make the neighborhood more appealing to developers, said Mark Raeburn, principal of Hangar 41, an architectural firm formed in 2010 and located in the arts district.

“Art districts tend to be catalysts for development,” said Raeburn, who will present the plan at a private event this evening to Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, various city agencies, the Denver Housing Authority and several local developers.

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Denver art districts await state’s seal of approval, funding that comes with it

The president of Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe said the area wasn’t considered a cultural destination when a museum, a theater and about a dozen art galleries joined together in 2003.

“We had to go about changing that impression,” said Jack Pappalardo, president of the district. “Since, we have grown to 67 dues-paying members, which is a tremendous buy-in.”

District officials are planning for further growth, as they have expanded the boundaries from 6th and 10th avenues to Alameda and 14th avenues.

Now, a new program this year aims to assist burgeoning creative districts statewide. The Colorado Creative Industries Council on Friday, March 9, is expected to designate two as officially recognized creative districts, which will receive $15,000 grants and other assistance. Another 13 will be selected as potential or emerging districts, receiving $8,000 or $2,000, respectively.

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Eat Drink Denver

Renegade Brewing: great brews, great food trucks

Renegade Brewing Co. is still a newcomer to the Denver craft beer scene — but it’s already making a strong showing. Located in the Santa Fe Arts District, the taproom opened a few months ago to crowds who love the brewery’s funky beer flavors (think chile, peanut butter or coffee) and bold flavor combinations.

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DU Clarion

Do you know the way to “Santa Fe”?

You don’t have to head south on I-25 to get some Sante Fe peace of mind; just cruise over to north Denver to experience the Mile High City’s esteemed art district.

Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe is a nationally recognized art and culture hang out boasts over 60 galleries, shops and restaurants. The Santa Fe art walk been featured in such national publications as Travel+Leisure, USA Today, CNN, Sunset Magazine and the New York Times.

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Who’s who in the Santa Fe Art District? Place your votes now

As First Friday regulars can attest, when the Art District on Santa Fe throws a shindig, it goes all out. That’s especially true in the case of the annual Santa Fe Art District Best Of exhibition, which awards artists who show in the district two ways: first, with awards given out to artists nominated and voted on by the people; and second, with a separate juried show of submitted works, this round chosen by moi.

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A Denver diary: some reflections on the mile-high city

On my arrival Thursday, my first order of business was to explore some of the city’s large and growing trove of public art. I’ll cover this much more in my forthcoming story, but suffice it to say that Denver’s public officials and citizens alike have embraced public art as a vital part of their daily lives and as a rallying point around which to build a sense of community. Here are a few highlights, just the tip of the iceberg here, of what Denver’s sprawling public art collection has to offer:

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Noted Colorado photographer shares his words and views on African wildlife

Colorado nature photographer John Fielder traveled to Africa for the first time in May. He hired native photographer Michelle Attala to guide him through Zambia for nine days, part of which was spent boating and canoeing along the Zambezi River.

They then traveled for 12 days in a four-wheel-drive vehicle through the deserts and mountains of Namibia, sleeping in small tent camps at night and navigating on their own during the day.

“My objective was to return to Colorado with images of Africa that would depict wildlife in their ecosystems, not simply photographs of creatures in more controlled game park habitats,” Fielder says.

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The Denver Post

Kaye’s works singe the imagination

Anna Kaye’s career got a big boost in 2008 when she began a series of meticulously realized charcoal drawings exploring the menacing beauty, destructive power and stark aftermath of Colorado’s forest fires.

Her latest group of drawings from this series are on view along with paintings by Lorelei Schott in “Touch the Earth,” a two-person exhibition at the Sandra Phillips Gallery, 744 Santa Fe Drive.

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Su Teatro at home on Santa Fe

Su Teatro’s move from the old Elyria School to the Denver Civic Theater has raised the profile of the city’s only Chicano theater company and introduced it to a wider audience.

Now, as the theater embarks tomorrow on its second full season at the location, it is garnering even more attention with a stage production of “Enrique’s Journey,” based on the book by Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Sonia Nazario about a Honduran boy’s difficult journey to the U.S. to join his mother.

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The Gazette - Colorado Springs

OUR PICK: “John Fielder’s Africa Panoramic” exhibit

Can’t afford a trip to Africa this year? Take a vicarious adventure through the eyes of Colorado’s pre-eminent outdoor photographer and author John Fielder as he fulfilled his lifelong dream of capturing the exotic images and wonders of Namibia and Zambia.  “John Fielder’s Africa Panoramic” exhibit debuts Saturday at Fielder’s gallery in Denver’s Art District of Santa Fe, showcasing his first trip to Africa with large-scale panoramics capturing the essence of landscapes and the creatures within their ecosystems.

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American Contemporary Art

American Contemporary Art

Some nice Denver representation in this edition. Robin Rule, Brianna Martray, Blake Flynn at Georgia Amar Fine Art.

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Denver Westword

Virginia Maitland: Conversations in Color

Virginia Maitland is Colorado’s premier color-field painter, and it’s been that way for decades, though she only rarely exhibits her work. That means that the show Virginia Maitland: Conversations in Color, opening tonight at the Sandra Phillips Gallery, is a rare chance to see her work in some depth. Maitland’s signature style is marked by the use of strong and vibrant colors applied to canvases in thin veils that overlap each other.

“Honestly, I think Virginia is one of the best painters in our time zone,” says gallery director Sandra Phillips. “Her work has a definite ‘wow’ factor, so I am thrilled to be presenting her second solo exhibit at my gallery. I just love having her luscious and beautiful paintings on the walls.

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Adobe Airstream

Making Treasure from Trash: Reclamation at Center for Visual Art

ho knew my recycling pile could be turned into an object of beauty? Fodder for the formal narratives of art?

Large cardboard forms fill the vast spaces of CVA’s new space on Santa Fe Drive in Denver. Because of their size and the vast number of them, they are the first objects one notices. Are they ceramic? Formed of some metal? Paper Mâché? What are the strips and grids? Upon closer inspection one sees that they are cardboard–stapled, formed, varnished, painted. They are organic, figurative, and something not familiar made from commonplace brown corrugate. The works of Ann Weber evoke memories of architecture, of Peter Volkos ceramics and Frank Gehry furniture and are equally reminiscent of ancient basketmaking as they are to George Morandi’s bottles.

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5280 Magazine

Fully Charged - Denver building owners rethink the standard sea of cubicles.

A rooftop with a skateboard area and a communal pinball machine may sound more like a junior high daydream than an office, but that’s what you’ll find at Battery 621 in the Art District on Santa Fe. The off-kilter work environment is exactly what the four owners envisioned when they bought an empty two-story warehouse last May. The group wanted to build a place where like-minded companies (like adventure-sports outfits and production studios) could work side by side.

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9 News

Starting Over: Infinite Monkey Theorem

There is a new winery making heads turn along Santa Fe Drive in Denver. It is young, hip, and it caters to a very unpretentious group of wine drinkers. The winery is not even three years old, and the winemaker is rather young too.

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