Jamie Bennett of ArtPlace America Sees “Complete Ecology of Arts” in Denver

Jamie Bennett, executive director of Brooklyn-based ArtPlace America, visited Denver last week. He likes what he saw.

Backed by about 30 foundations, federal agencies, and banks, ArtPlace America has awarded more than $40 million in grants, including 2013 contributions to Junction Box, home to Wonderbound’s performance space, and OhHeckYeah in Denver.

Bennett is quick to point out that ArtPlace’s grants aren’t about art for art’s sake—they overlap with transit, public safety, and other facets of community-building. “The interventions are always arts-related,” he says. “The goals are community outcomes.”

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Bring Back Luminarias de Santa Fe!

The community of La Alma Lincoln Park is seeking to revive a holiday event called Luminarias de Santa Fe Drive. This event was once produced solely by nonprofit NEWSED CDC but this year various organizations and businesses are contributing to the organizing effort to bring the event to its former glory. This 2nd Friday in December many neighborhood stakeholders will once again host the event in an effort to bring more visitors and boost spirits this holiday season on Santa Fe Drive the home of Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe, a state designated art district.

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The Denver Post

Denver neighborhood cited as “great” by national association

But dozens of artists have found homes and galleries in the burgeoning area, forming Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe, and the Colorado Ballet recently moved into new digs at 1075 Santa Fe Drive.

Gary Reed, a photographer and vice president with the nonprofit arts district, said the resurgence in the neighborhood is, in part, the result of collaborative efforts.

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Catch! A Junk Art Tour - Next Stop Denver CO

The Tree of Life Gallery (The Art District on Santa Fe) in Denver, Colorado will host the Moores and an exhibit of their work July 31st – August 3rd.  The Moore’s exhibit at the Tree of Life will also include a live art demonstration by Alan, Isabella, and Emma at First Friday August 1st 6-10pm.  That evening Tree of Life will also be hosting Denver’s own DJ Igneo and special guest Denver Bronco’s legend Greg “Meteriod” Boyd.

The Moores have recently embarked on their most ambitious exhibit schedule to date.  Over 100 pieces of the Moore’s southern-fried folk art will be on display in three states over the next five months.

Alan and his daughters Isabella (age 13) and Emma (age 10) have been creating their iconic bottle cap fish for their junk art tour they call “Catch!” - inspired by their two home states of Florida and Colorado.

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The new Space Gallery went from prefab to fabulous

But the biggest news on Santa Fe involves the aforementioned Space, which has just unveiled its brand-new, custom-designed building — and it is fabulous. Galleries typically occupy repurposed retail, commercial or industrial buildings, like Michael Warren and Point do, so a structure specifically created to display and sell art is pretty rare here; William Havu Gallery and Plus Gallery are the only other architect-designed art venues in Denver.

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USA Today

Denver weekend trips for romance

Scenery: Home to over 60 galleries, the Denver Art District on Santa Fe is the creative epicenter of the city. Don’t miss the First Friday Art walks for a glimpse into the districts sculpture, photography, and painting studios. Be sure to stop by Renegade Brewery along the way to sample art in ale form.

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Mai Wyn Schantz on stainless steel, seduction and oil painting

This week we travel to Colorado’s capital city to meet Mai Wyn Schantz, a painter from Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe, Colorado Certified.

Early on Mai Wyn’s dad shared with her, “you can do whatever you want, but what are you going to give people?” She never really thought about art as giving back, but she finds that it actually gives back in a huge way – if it can bring joy to somebody and uplift their spirits, it’s a pretty powerful thing.

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Colorado Music Buzz

Maxwellvision’s Transition Theater to Hit Arts District on Sante Fe

The developing Transition Theater presents another evening of avant-garde entertainment. This evolving group of artists is creating beautiful contemporary performances based on the theme of spiritual awakening. Merging ambient live music with film and interpretive dancers, the Transition experience is emotional, intimate and uplifting and on the wave of the new conscious movement in the arts.

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Mai Wyn Schantz christens her gallery with an influential show

Galleries seem to be opening at a breakneck pace lately, with Mai Wyn Fine Art on Santa Fe Drive being the latest. The new venue combines a handsome exhibition space with a studio for owner — and painter — Mai Wyn Schantz. Occupying the former home of the Sandra Phillips Gallery (which decamped to the Golden Triangle), the location has been remodeled by Schantz, resulting in a gorgeous room with a soaring volume.

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Scientific American

You Had Me At Hydrothermal Vent Worms

There’s an interesting show going on currently in Denver, CO’s Anthology Fine Art Gallery that’s worth a special trip if you’re into sciart. Patrick Maxcy is a painter, illustrator, and muralist who is fascinated by the natural world. His exhibit, titled Running Wild, showcases his back-to-the-basics drawing chops and his flair for telling compelling stories. His drawings are worth the trip alone for any appreciator of art, but if you’re a fellow science geek, he will win you over instantly with his depictions of hairy yeti crabs, giant tube worms, and his liberal use of cephalopods…

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First Friday on Santa Fe Art District

Visiting new and emerging art galleries is always a lot of fun. Combine it with a once a month art walk, and you’ll find yourself with an eclectic group of people enjoying everything from antiques and art, to food trucks and people watching. First Friday’s here in Denver introduce you to areas all over the Metro area.

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303 Magazine

Happenin’ Hoods: Baker Part Two

Denver’s Art District on Santa Fe (ADSF) is swiftly becoming a booming part of the Baker community. Located on North Santa Fe Drive between 5th and 11th avenues, the District is one of this neighborhood’s finest features. In 2003, a group of 17 different artists, gallery owners and community members…

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The Denver Post

State certifies five new Colorado Creative Districts in Pueblo, Trinidad, Ridgway, Telluride and Nor

Colorado Creative Industries on Wednesday certified five new creative districts, enabling communities to bolster arts and culture programs and grow opportunities for economic development.

The Pueblo Creative Corridor, Corazon de Trinidad, North Fork Valley Creative District, Ridgway Creative District and Telluride Creative District each won distinction as a Colorado Creative District, which includes a $15,000 grant and technical assistance as the districts develop.

“These 2013 certified creative districts are great examples of how the arts create exciting places for people to visit and live,” said Gov. John Hickenlooper, in a statement released Wednesday. “These districts not only increase quality of life, they also help with economic vitality of the area and attract people from all over Colorado and the country.”

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The Denver Post

Denver production “Gospel at Colonus” signals a joyous collaboration

Tracing circles — that may be one way to describe the goings on at Su Teatro Arts and Culture Center right now. After all, Lee Breuer and Bob Telson’s legendary experimental work “The Gospel at Colonus,” running through June 30, seems to be circling back to its roots. The duo’s remarkable blending of Sophocles’ tragedy “Oedipus at Colonus” with African American religious ritual found its inspiration in community: black Pentecostal churches, to be exact. In 1983 “Gospel” was performed at the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival with Morgan Freeman in the role of Preacher Oedipus. In 1988 it had a Broadway run and was nominated for a Tony.

Now, thanks to the tag-team efforts of Su Teatro and the Source Theatre Company, the musical returns to a theater bent on engaging community in a most participatory way.

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First Fridays in Denver’s Art Districts

Within this thriving creative community, enjoy more than 60 participating galleries, artist studios and restaurants on the First Friday Art Walk (6 to 9 p.m.) every first Friday of the month. Free, guided shuttle coaches pick you up at the light rail station at 10th Avenue and Osage Street and ferry you around the Art District between 5:30 and 9:30 p.m.
Good to know: Every third Friday, the Art District offers Collector Preview Events, a more intimate version of First Friday with an opportunity for patrons to see the art and meet the artists and owners without the large First Friday crowds.

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Four abstract shows consider Mind Over Matter at Space Gallery

Space Gallery owner Michael Burnett is an established abstract painter, so it’s no surprise that he’d be good at picking others of that ilk to present at his venue. Currently, there are four eponymous solos brought together under the umbrella title of Mind Over Matter that make the point. The whole is very elegant, with the distinct parts authored by each member of the quartet working seamlessly with the others.

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The Five-Point Weekend Escape Plan   See Urban Reinvention in Denver

Hit the streets with more than 5,000 people during the Santa Fe First Friday Art Walk (held on the first Friday of each month, 6 to 9 p.m.), when more than 60 galleries and studios open up to the public, and you can hear live music coming from every window. For first-timers, a good starting point is the complex at 910 Santa Fe Drive, a former 7 Up factory that contains approximately 30 studio spaces, including the popular Canto do Galo capoeria school and Lalé Floral Designs, a boutique florist who sells exquisite hand-sculpted terrariums made from African violets, succulents, and locally grown moss ($80 to $300).

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