Jennifer Meyerrose and Lauri Dunn

- at Core New Art Space

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Artists: Lauri Dunn, Jennifer Meyerrose, Craig Marshall Smith, Deborah Jang, Mark Friday

Artists’ Reception: January 25th, 6-9pm

Jennifer Meyerrose

My paintings appear to be non-representational, but they all start from references: hand tools, shaping tools, and fastening tools like hammers, chisels, wrenches, pliers, trowels and vises. My father was and is a carpenter, so I was around a lot of tools when I was growing up.

The tools evolve and gradually dissolve, through continual revision and abstraction.

I “draw” with paint to establish motion-filled compositions. I add wet, washy color swatches, areas of thicker paint, and pencil markings.

The tools might be a metaphor for how I work: I “fix and repair” my paintings and in the process make unexpected discoveries that can be associated with Abstract Expressionism.

I invited three very good friends to exhibit with me. Craig Marshall Smith and I have similar interest in painters and painting. Deborah Jang and Mark Friday have similar interests in two and three dimensional art. I think we have influenced and inspired each other, to the extent that there are collaborative pieces included in this exhibition.

Lauri Dunn

In 2002, I watched Colorado’s largest fire burn. On the nightly news in Baltimore, I watched the devastation- a fire so large, and so hot that you could see it from space. My parents would call every week, and tell me about the smell, about the large pieces of ash that were falling in the backyard.

I stayed away from the Hayman fire until when several years ago, lost in the woods, I was spit out into the middle of it. It is devastating. All you see is the black. The echoing sound is overwhelming. You imagine the smell of smoke. You think of the memories, not just of the fire burning, but of the land you remember.

This series of photo transfers on wood documents what Remains after the fire. It is the charred black landscape and the haunting memories. It is loss and devastation.  It is the color, the unseen beauty and the hope.

Lauri R. Dunn graduated with a BFA in Photography from Maryland Institute College of Art. She currently teaches art in Jefferson County Public Schools, and creates photographs in the meantime.


First Friday Information

First Friday Art Walk: February 1st, 6-9pm

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